What Are the USB Keys and What Can We Do With Them?

USB Web Keys must not be confused with the conventional branded USB memory drives, especially since they are considerably different and have different uses. Despite the fact that they apparently look like regular USB memory drives – at least on the outside -, USB Web Keys lack one crucial component: the on-board memory, which is the component that stores all digital data. The outside of USB Web Keys can be perfectly customized, exactly as any USB memory drive. This feature makes them extremely powerful promotional tools.

The USB Web Key

Taking into consideration the fact that they lack the memory capacity, USB Web Keys can’t be employed for carrying files. However, they can perfectly act like shortcuts to your business website, as their very name suggests. As soon as a USB Web Key is plugged in a host laptop or computer, it launches the default browser, redirecting your client or potential customer to your webpage or any other page whose visibility or traffic you are trying to improve.

This webpage can be your online catalogue or brochure, a flash presentation, your company website, or any page you are trying to promote. The USB Web Key directs your client to any page or website, without you worrying about getting the wrong website address.

One of the main advantages of these devices is their relatively cheaper prices and the fact that they can be perfectly used for services launches, new products, gathering market research data, surveys, competitions, and many other marketing purposes.

USB Web Keys can be given many varied uses, such as different updates, services and products launches, online catalogues, online marketing research, online promotions and competitions, student application forms, flash presentations, online brochures, or even online training programs.

Despite the fact that there are numerous reasons that justify the use of USB Web Keys, one of their biggest advantages is the fact that, like any other type of conventional USB memory drives, they can perfectly be customized in very attractive ways. Moreover, they are extremely easy to use, they are cheap, and they can significantly improve your website’s traffic, thus enhancing your marketing and advertising opportunities. Additionally, they provide you with the possibility to redirect your clients directly to a specific page you are trying to promote, without the need of complex modifications to your website, thus easily attracting new customers and potentially enhancing your sales possibilities.

The USB Web Keys have the potential of becoming extremely effective and cheap corporate gifts, able to suit even the tightest budgets, especially in this troubled economic context. All these features transform USB Web Keys in excellent and highly efficient tools for your business’ advertising and marketing campaigns.

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