USB Keys: Features That Make Them Extremely Popular

Customized USB memory drives are amazing devices that can successfully be used to promote and advertise your business. Features such as their high value, portability, or appearance make of the USB keys extremely popular items.

By being budget-friendly items, USB memory drives are perfect to hand out as sales material. Before distributing them, you can pre-load them with promotional data, thus saving on printing costs. In addition, the transportations costs are more than affordable. All these features, put together, can help you save more money than standard marketing campaigns. If you are interested in starting a marketing campaign and make use of USB memory drives, there is a series of important things you need to seriously consider before buying them.


Don’t let yourself feel tempted to buy cheap, low quality USB memory drives. If the price of the product is extremely low compared to other prices of similar items, then you will more than likely be fooled into buying Grade “B” chips. These products are usually re-used items, with important performance issues. Always question your supplier about the chips’ grade and about what type of memory chip is supplied with the item. This is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing branded USB sticks.

Memory size

Before you make your final order, make sure that the USB memory drives has sufficient storage capacity to hold both your promotional data and the data its user might want to upload on it. If the USB memory drive has low storage capacity, the user will simply put it away, and you won’t be provided with the opportunity of increasing your brand’s visibility.

Choosing a model

There are thousands of available USB memory drives models. Thanks to technological advances, USB memory drives can be manufactured in any size, shape, or colour you may think of. Additionally, they can be made of bamboo, plastic, wood, metal, leather, or even a combination of all these materials. If you are unable to find a model that completely meets your needs and expectations, you can ask the provider to create a fully customized model just for you.


Most USB memory drives come in convenient sizes. Moreover, you can even attach a key-ring or a lanyard to them. The Key-Shaped USB Memory drive is one of the latest innovations in the field. They are manufactured mainly from metal (99%), they are small, and look like normal keys. Being made of metal, Key-Shaped USB Memory drives are robust and they can perfectly fit on key rings, just like standard keys. The USB key is, beyond any doubt, one of the most portable memory drives currently available on the market.

Whichever USB stick you decide to choose, you can rest assured that you have made a good investment and that you will successfully promote your business.

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