The Eternal USB Dilemma: To Customise or Not to Customise

As active agents in marketing or advertising campaigns, promotional engraved, imprinted, or customised USB memory sticks can boost your business’ benefits. Conferences, press releases, or other promotional events offer the ideal scenario for using these items as promotional giveaways. However, pre-loading promotional data on a USB memory drive that hasn’t been previously customised wouldn’t make any sense. The costs of engraving or imprinting your brand name, company logo, or other promotional messages on these items are minimal. Moreover, they provide the perfect opportunity to increase your company’s visibility on the market.

Branded USB sticks: Why are they valuable?

When used properly, imprinted USB memory drives are more valuable than they are really worth. Receivers usually show a positive attitude towards this type of gifts, especially since they are perfectly aware that they have received something valuable. This simple gesture will make your loyal and potential clients appreciate your business even more. Clients perceive it as a valuable and useful ‘Thank you!’ for simply participating at the event you organized or stopping by your stand.

Being practical and useful devices, branded USB sticks are more efficient than many other promotional products. Printed promotional copies or brochures won’t stay for long in your potential customers’ hands. Pens or mugs will probably never leave their households. However, branded USB memory drives, due to their functionality and portability, will, beyond any doubt, expose your company’s logo to a much larger audience.

A completely customised USB flash drive, specifically designed to faithfully represent your company’s image, values, products, and services will undoubtedly have a higher perceived value. Just keep in mind that a slight humorous touch can benefit you even more. The gift you prepared for your clients is a talking point, increasing your brand’s visibility.

Non Branded USB Sticks

Some companies, such as auditors, firm lawyers, banks, and other types of companies that usually work with extremely sensitive information avoid using customised USB memory drives, especially when it comes to their employees. They prefer less eye-catching, discrete, and plain memory drives. Fear is the main reason why branded USB memory drives are slowly driving away from these businesses. Their employees handle highly sensitive data and branded devices may easily become a target. Since they contain valuable and confidential data, they can be stolen. Without password protection or other encryption methods, these types of business are right to be afraid and make use of protection strategies.

Even though you can choose between branded or plain USB memory sticks, their marketing and advertising value is undeniable. Used properly, they represent a vital part of any business’ success and growth. Just keep in mind that protecting the pre-loaded data is possible. There are many available encryption applications that will keep your data safe!

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