Promotional USB Keys: A Gift Your Clients Will Love

The USB Key is an extremely convenient and small device, perfect for storing any type of digital data. Despite the fact that some people might consider it a standard storage device, many tablet users consider it an innovative gadget. This is due to the fact that tablet owners can’t use regular USB memory drives with their gadgets. Taking into consideration this aspect, we are proud to introduce the new USB Key to all of you, whether you are an avid tablet user or not.

USB Keys: main features

One of the most important features of this innovative item is the fact that they actually are two distinctive dongles devices. At one of its ends you can find a regular USB connecter, while at the opposite end you can find a micro-USB. Tablets and many other types of similar devices will use the fitted micro USB as a regular charging slot. And the best part is that this device is perfectly compatible with almost any type of Android tablet. However, there is one downside: for the time being, it can’t be used with iPads, though that might change in the near future.

A quick guide to using your USB Key

In order to store, transfer, or share your data, plugging in your USB Key in a host computer is the only thing you need to do. The following steps are as simple as the first one: copy the necessary files on your USB key and then simply plug it into your tablet. You can even do it the other way round. It is as simple as it may get. This way, all the actions performed on either of the two devices can be easily transferred. Another great feature of this amazing device is its size: it is not bigger than a regular USB memory drive.

Since USB Keys are quite innovative and unusual devices, they can perfectly become an amazing promotional giveaway for your employees, business partners, loyal customers, or potential new clients. Like almost all the other available promotional products, USB Keys can be customised with your brand or logo. If you want to add extra value to your gift, you can also choose a custom packaging. This way you will certainly enhance your brand awareness.

To top it all, these devices are really price convenient. However, their impact on their users is quite big. In simple words, a small investment with a high perceived value, likely to attract new potential clients and convincing the old ones to remain faithful to your products and services. Apart from the custom packaging option, you can also make use of the data preload service. The preloaded digital data can be perfectly viewed on both tablets and personal computers.

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