Portable Wind Turbines: The New Method for Charging USB Gadgets

If you are a technology fan and you use to travel regularly, then portable chargers are not only extremely useful, but they practically become mandatory. We all love to be able to have our USB gadgets re-charged on the go, without even needing an available electrical outlet. Just grab your GPS, smartphone, and laptop, put them all in your bag and get ready to go. It all sounds simple until you realize that you need to re-charge your charger. If you forget to plug it in as soon as you find an available electrical outlet, then is simply becomes useless extra weight you’re stuck with. However, there is an alternative solution!

Trinity turbines

This is the moment when Trinity comes in to brighten your day! Trinity provides you with a portable wind turbine, featuring a 15 Watts generator, and practically able to charge any type of industrial USB device. As soon as your gadget is charged, all you have to do is fold together the 11 inch Aluminium legs, and your turbine automatically blades and becomes ready for storage. When folded, the Trinity turbines are nothing but 1 foot aluminium cylinders. If you dislike carrying around relatively large packages, then this turbine might not be for you. Apart from its size, the turbine weights approximately 4 pounds. However, if you like eco-friendly products, then the wind turbine is a sustainable method to re-charge your USB gadgets on the go. With a 15,000 mAh power output, its manufacturer – Skajaquoda – claims that you can re-charge your smartphone more or less 6 times. Obviously, in order to achieve that, you need wind. If this condition is not met, as you can easily imagine, the turbine will be useless. The turbine’s manufacturer provides a couple of ideas on how to ideally use this innovative charger. If you are at the beach, at a campsite, on a boat, in a patio or on a balcony, at a music festival, an amusement park, or other similar open-space environment, then you could make the most of your wind turbine. There is no doubt that these ideas are very good. However, the retails price of the Trinity wind turbine is $399 USD. So, even if you can afford to buy it, you have to be very careful not to lose it or, even worse, have it stolen. However, it is useful for you to know that the Trinity wind turbine is expected to become available on the market no sooner than 2015. And that if everything goes as planned. In the meantime, we can praise its inventor, Skjaquoda, for this solid and sustainable concept. We are confident that the future models will be even more refined, thus easier to carry around and store.

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