The Eternal USB Dilemma: To Customise or Not to Customise

As active agents in marketing or advertising campaigns, promotional engraved, imprinted, or customised USB memory sticks can boost your business’ benefits. Conferences, press releases, or other promotional events offer the ideal scenario for using these items as promotional giveaways. However, pre-loading promotional data on a USB memory drive that hasn’t been previously customised wouldn’t make any sense. The costs of engraving or imprinting your brand name, company logo, or other promotional messages on these items are minimal. Moreover, they provide the perfect opportunity to increase your company’s visibility on the market.

Branded USB sticks: Why are they valuable?

When used properly, imprinted USB memory drives are more valuable than they are really worth. Receivers usually show a positive attitude towards this type of gifts, especially since they are perfectly aware that they have received something valuable. This simple gesture will make your loyal and potential clients appreciate your business even more. Clients perceive it as a valuable and useful ‘Thank you!’ for simply participating at the event you organized or stopping by your stand.

Being practical and useful devices, branded USB sticks are more efficient than many other promotional products. Printed promotional copies or brochures won’t stay for long in your potential customers’ hands. Pens or mugs will probably never leave their households. However, branded USB memory drives, due to their functionality and portability, will, beyond any doubt, expose your company’s logo to a much larger audience.

A completely customised USB flash drive, specifically designed to faithfully represent your company’s image, values, products, and services will undoubtedly have a higher perceived value. Just keep in mind that a slight humorous touch can benefit you even more. The gift you prepared for your clients is a talking point, increasing your brand’s visibility.

Non Branded USB Sticks

Some companies, such as auditors, firm lawyers, banks, and other types of companies that usually work with extremely sensitive information avoid using customised USB memory drives, especially when it comes to their employees. They prefer less eye-catching, discrete, and plain memory drives. Fear is the main reason why branded USB memory drives are slowly driving away from these businesses. Their employees handle highly sensitive data and branded devices may easily become a target. Since they contain valuable and confidential data, they can be stolen. Without password protection or other encryption methods, these types of business are right to be afraid and make use of protection strategies.

Even though you can choose between branded or plain USB memory sticks, their marketing and advertising value is undeniable. Used properly, they represent a vital part of any business’ success and growth. Just keep in mind that protecting the pre-loaded data is possible. There are many available encryption applications that will keep your data safe!


Can Clients Still Be Impressed By Imprinted USB Sticks?

Putting yourself in your clients’ shoes and attending a trade fair that shares an identical market segment as your business is the perfect way to find out how your potential new clients perceive promotional giveaways. You can find yourself overwhelmed by the variety of the existing promotional items, especially since each company seeks to promote its business with impressive giveaways.

We have actually done this and assisted to a couple of events just to get a grasp of how the promotional giveaways market is evolving. We would like to share with you what we have discovered. Our business’ nature might have biased our opinion. However, you will still be able to reach your own conclusions.

At one of the latest trade fairs, we left with a couple of bags filled with promotional items. We received traditional leaflets, notebooks and pens, and even an insulated mug. We have obviously visited many interesting stands and we lingered a little longer around one that was offering nice black notebooks and pencils. We especially liked the stand that offered us the insulated mug. However, the mug is still unopened, in its original package.

Even if you find it difficult to believe, our stand, which was offering promotional USB drives, was always full. This led us to the conclusion that our branded gifts were still attracting clients. Regular buyers, executives, and simple by-passers were impatient to receive the attractive, pocked-sized little gadgets featuring our company’s logo.

We also attended a big conference. After a blue-chip company’s presentation, during the tea-break, they placed small gift boxes on delegates’ seats. To our surprise, dozens of gifts were left abandoned. Despite their attractive wrapping, the gifts were not very appreciated. On the contrary, a small tech company’s giveaways – branded USB sticks that were not even packed – enjoyed a huge success. None was left behind.

According to our own observations, technological gadgets remain among the most appreciated promotional giveaways, especially those tiny USB memory drives like the USB wristbands. When you attend a trade fair, all the promotional giveaways are momentarily appreciated. However, in the long run, clients will recall the companies that gifted them branded USB sticks. We have no doubt about it. Even if the clients, at their turn, gift them to friends and family, or to co-workers, they will still increase your business’ visibility and promote your brand.

Just keep in mind that people usually a minimum standard. If flash drives with a 512MB storage capacity were perceived as a generous gift a couple of years ago, nowadays they will be perceived as extremely cheap gifts. Also remember that preloaded promotional material also plays a crucial role, as it represents a message to a client that showed interest in your brand. There’s no better way to deliver your message than through promotional gifts.


The Art of Promoting to Teens and Kids

USB wristbands have become more and more common and trendy among teenagers and children. If you are targeting the youth segment, these colourful, fashionable rubber wristbands represent one of the best strategies to reach your market audience and efficiently promote your brand.

Being available in a wide variety of colours and easy to match with your company’s theme or logo, the USB wristband is not only lovely fashionable accessory, but it also is an extremely useful item. Kids and teens always highly appreciate these original promotional giveaways.

The USB wristband is the perfect combination of functionality and fashion, mainly due to the fact that it is lightweight, small, and portable, thus being easy to move around and use whenever necessary. Given the great success of branded USB drives as promotional giveaways, the thick rubber USB Wristbands are equally successful when it comes to kids and teens. These drives are perfect for accessing data in no time. Apart from being an extremely useful item for your young clients, you will also be provided with the opportunity to successfully promote your brand and improve your company’s image.

The youth segment is usually overlooked by most companies. This is a huge mistake, as this particular segment can generate huge benefits for your business. Used as giveaways for teens and kids, the USB Wristbands will increase your business’ visibility. Why is that so? Because, given their portable and, above all, their functional characteristics, your youngest clients are more than likely to wear them wherever they go, thus promoting your business’ logo to all the people they interact with.

Promotional USB Wristbands

Just like any other promotional USB drive, promotional USB Wristbands can increase the efficiency of your advertising or marketing campaigns. Among the benefits of using them as promotional items, we can point out the fact that they are highly appreciated by youngsters. Moreover, producing and imprinting a USB Wristband bears the same costs as any other conventional USB drive, if not even lower making them a cheap promotional and efficient product. Additionally, companies can take advantage of the preload option and use them to promote creative advertising presentations and materials. However, companies should make sure that the uploaded content is suited for teens and kids, and use appropriate language in order to facilitate a better and easier understanding of your business and the services and products you are offering.

Besides the undeniable functional benefits, USB Wristband drives can become an extremely efficient and powerful tool you can build your advertising and marketing campaigns with.

To sum up, USB Wristbands are the perfect vehicle for promoting your products by help of a market segment that most companies neglect: teenagers and children. Using them as promotional products is practically a safe way of promoting your brand efficiently.


Huge Storage Capacities For Little Dollars – Cheap USB Sticks

USB sticks are becoming more and more popular every day. Everybody owns a USB stick, and they have numerous advantages for being a compact, affordable and versatile storage solution. And in the last years, they also become one of the cheapest storage solutions out there, and companies are buying them all the time to boost their marketing strategy.

The promotional USB sticks are designed specially to help companies bond with their audience in a really effective way. The USB sticks have storage capacities that can vary from two hundred and fifty six megabytes, all the way up to six teen gigabytes, so they can contain all kinds of promotional materials, from a business cataloged to promotional videos, programs and in some cases even games, specially designed to connect with the audience and establish a more powerful brand.

Companies all over the world use promotional USB sticks as free giveaways and as a part of their marketing and advertising campaigns. As a result of the extremely low costs to produce the personalised USB sticks, due to improved technologies and evolutions of production techniques, companies can now afford to give them away for free, to promote their new products or services.

Even if the USB sticks are more affordable every year and nowadays almost any company can afford them, beware of the really cheap USB sticks, since they can be a false economy.

Here are a few basic advices if you are looking to buy cheap USB flash drives:

Buy Local – If you buy the USB sticks from a company nearby, you can save the transportation costs. Another advantage is that if you buy the USB sticks from a local company (as opposed to buying the USB sticks from China) is that you can get a refund easier in case something goes wrong with the products.

Company check – Always do a quick check on the company you want to buy the cheap USB sticks from.

Check the Terms & Conditions – Everybody is required to accept the terms and conditions before placing an order online, but very few actually read them. Be careful, since the small prices may hide some conditions that may not be in your advantage.

Warranties – It’s great if the company offers a warranty, but a lifetime warranty is worth nothing if the company is not around any more after a few months. So, if you want to promote your own company or you are in the marketing department of a company and you are looking for innovative ways to promote your business, consider buying bulk cheap USB flash drives. Not only are they cost effective, but they are a really efficient way to promote your business.