Portable Wind Turbines: The New Method for Charging USB Gadgets

If you are a technology fan and you use to travel regularly, then portable chargers are not only extremely useful, but they practically become mandatory. We all love to be able to have our USB gadgets re-charged on the go, without even needing an available electrical outlet. Just grab your GPS, smartphone, and laptop, put them all in your bag and get ready to go. It all sounds simple until you realize that you need to re-charge your charger. If you forget to plug it in as soon as you find an available electrical outlet, then is simply becomes useless extra weight you’re stuck with. However, there is an alternative solution!

Trinity turbines

This is the moment when Trinity comes in to brighten your day! Trinity provides you with a portable wind turbine, featuring a 15 Watts generator, and practically able to charge any type of industrial USB device. As soon as your gadget is charged, all you have to do is fold together the 11 inch Aluminium legs, and your turbine automatically blades and becomes ready for storage. When folded, the Trinity turbines are nothing but 1 foot aluminium cylinders. If you dislike carrying around relatively large packages, then this turbine might not be for you. Apart from its size, the turbine weights approximately 4 pounds. However, if you like eco-friendly products, then the wind turbine is a sustainable method to re-charge your USB gadgets on the go. With a 15,000 mAh power output, its manufacturer – Skajaquoda – claims that you can re-charge your smartphone more or less 6 times. Obviously, in order to achieve that, you need wind. If this condition is not met, as you can easily imagine, the turbine will be useless. The turbine’s manufacturer provides a couple of ideas on how to ideally use this innovative charger. If you are at the beach, at a campsite, on a boat, in a patio or on a balcony, at a music festival, an amusement park, or other similar open-space environment, then you could make the most of your wind turbine. There is no doubt that these ideas are very good. However, the retails price of the Trinity wind turbine is $399 USD. So, even if you can afford to buy it, you have to be very careful not to lose it or, even worse, have it stolen. However, it is useful for you to know that the Trinity wind turbine is expected to become available on the market no sooner than 2015. And that if everything goes as planned. In the meantime, we can praise its inventor, Skjaquoda, for this solid and sustainable concept. We are confident that the future models will be even more refined, thus easier to carry around and store.


Industrial USBs -The Bridge over the Gap

If you want a new laptop or a new PC with a built-in serial port, then you are probably in trouble. Even more when it comes down to portable computers. The vast majority of offices and homes have replaced the old serial protocols with USBs (i.e. Universal Serial Bus). As a direct consequence, many PC manufacturers no longer provide them as standard hardware.

However, the industrial world still requires the use of serial ports in order for some types of equipment to communicate between them: the RS-422/485 and the RS-232 interfaces. This particular situation creates an important gap between industrial electronics and the work and personal computers.

A brief history of USBs

In 1995, when first introduced, the USB technology was specifically designed to connect PCs with their peripherals and additional components. Before the implementation of USBs, if you wanted to add peripherals to a network or a PC, you first had to power it off, have the expansion card installed, reboot the system, and then have the necessary drivers installed. With USBs, the process was considerably simplified. Human Interface Devices and peripherals could now be added or removed without having to reboot. Though drivers were still necessary, no specialised internals cards were needed any longer.

USB proved to be an amazing expansion for all PCs. Combined with proper PC resources, USB hubs, and proper wiring, one USB port is able to sustain up to 127 devices!

USB generations

Since its creation, the USB technology has undergone several modifications. Its naming conventions can sometimes become confusing. USB 1.1 refers to Full Speed and Low Speed. USB 2.0 added the High Speed which is faster than Full Speed. To top it all, USB 3.0 added the SuperSpeed in this mix.

It is also useful to know that each new USB version is perfectly compatible with all the previous ones. However, it won’t go faster than them. So, if you plug a USB 3.0 device in a USB 1.1 port, your device will work with the speed of the USB 1.1. The reverse is valid as well. If a USB 1.1 device is plugged in a USB 3.0 port, it will work with the speed of the USB 1.1.

Serial to USB

The equipment that requires the serial connection can now be connected to PCs even if there are no appropriate ports. USB-to-Serial converters can now act like serial port expansion cards. There is one single difference: instead of using the PCI Express slot or the PCI slot, they use a USB interface. When a USB-to-Serial converter gets plugged in a USB port, the driver opens a serial COM port which is used by software apps. This ensures that equipment and other peripherals remain fully functional.

Bridging the gap we have mentioned earlier is now extremely easy: all you have to do is choose the appropriate convertor for your equipment, plug it in your PC’s USB port and connect its other end at your peripheral. As simple as that.


CES 2014 Some of the Weirdest Gadgets

Since we all love gadgets and we like to keep up with the latest IT news, we want to offer you a review of the weirdest 2014 gadgets that use USB available on the market. At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas, a wide range of strange – to the say the least – gadgets were presented. Here are some of the gadgets that caught our attention.

ChefJet 3D Printer

This gadget, launched by 3D Systems Corporation, is an ultramodern candy maker, mainly meant to produce 3D, geometric-shaped sugary treats. The gadget is delivered with several recipes and flavours, such as cherry, vanilla, mint, chocolate, sour apple, or watermelon. Fancy some sweets?

Personal thermal imaging device

With the FLIR ONE gadget, you will no longer need the Ghostbusters to spot outer-space visitors. Since it is a thermal and visual camera, this gadget is able to scan heat signatures.

Snore-silencing bed

At first, there were phones. We evolved…and developed smartphones. At first, there were beds. So what’s next? Yes, you got it right: smart-beds! The guilty producer is Sleep Number and it aims at tracking our sleeping activity. Controlled by vocal commands, smart-beds can be made softer or firmer, and their elevation can be easily modified. Moreover, the bed records data about our body movements and sends it to a tablet. Once the data is processed, the bed can automatically change its firmness, thus ensuring a blissful rest. According to the manufacturer, the bed is even able to silence snoring. Not enough for you? How about a voice-controlled massage?


The iGrow was invented to meet the needs of those who are suffering from hair loss. Or at least this is what Apira Science Inc. claims. With LED lights and 51 lasers, this gadget is expected to stimulate hair growth. In order to obtain the best results, the manufacturer advises customers to wear this helmet during 6 months, for at least 20 minutes every single day. However, no scientific proofs support this claim.

3D viewer for iPhone

Looking like a pair of regular binoculars, the Poppy 3D gadget allows you to watch 3D videos when using your iPhone. If you place your iPhone in a special slot, on top of this gadget, it will split images by using two mirrors. This way, one eye will see an image, while the other will see a different one. Your brain is expected to fuse these images so that the video appears in 3D.

Smartphone stun gun

Produced by Yellow Jacket, this amazing case is able to simultaneously electrocute a potential attacker with no less than 650,000 volts, and completely recharge your iPhone. The case, which perfectly fits both iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 4/4S, is available in various colours and it even comes with a removable stun gun pack.

Have you tried any of these gadgets? We’d love to hear your thoughts about them!


Pre-loaded or Blank USB Memory Drives: Which One Will Benefit You More?

Here, at USB Company, we are proud to provide our clients with both blank and ready-formatted USB memory drives and USB flash drives pre-loaded with personalized data. Pre-loading your data onto a USB memory drive can become a real problem, especially if you are planning to do it yourself and you have hundreds of devices to personalize. This is the reason why we offer you the possibility to use our professional data pre-loading service, thus freeing you from the chore of doing it yourself and saving you the time you can now dedicate to growing your business.

Data pre-loading is an essential element for any sales or marketing campaign. The sales information you preload on your promotional flash drives will, in the long run, significantly benefit your business, especially since it will increase your brand awareness. In addition, your faithful clients and potential customers will have to possibility to enjoy an extremely useful storage device.

The promotional information you should load on your USB memory drive

If you are wondering what type of promotional data you should be loading on your promotional gifts, then you should know that you can practically load anything you think it might benefit your business: from price lists to pictures, videos, digital brochures, outlets, links to relevant web pages, and even PowerPoint presentations. This type of information is likely to help your customers decide to buy your products or services.

Whether you should buy a blank USB memory drive or a preloaded one is something you decide, especially if you consider the use your customers will give to these gadgets. Whatever you decide, we will provide it to you.

If you are aiming at an enhanced exposure of your brand by means of a positive daily reminder, then a preloaded promotional USB drive should be your first choice. A branded USB memory drive will ensure that each time your customer takes out of his pocket your gift, your brand will be seen. In addition, by using the pre-loading service, your sales chances will increase significantly. When it comes down to the loaded data, the capacity of the chosen drive and your imagination are the only limits. A pre-loaded memory drive can practically double the impact of your advertising campaign. In addition, your customers will be able to brag each time they show around their cool looking gift.

Pre-loading your promotional data yourself can be a time consuming and stressful task. So why not take advantage of our offer and dedicate your time and efforts to making your business grow? Here, at USB Company, we greatly value your time. And this is the reason why we put our expertise to your service, ensuring quality results.


Promotional USB Keys: A Gift Your Clients Will Love

The USB Key is an extremely convenient and small device, perfect for storing any type of digital data. Despite the fact that some people might consider it a standard storage device, many tablet users consider it an innovative gadget. This is due to the fact that tablet owners can’t use regular USB memory drives with their gadgets. Taking into consideration this aspect, we are proud to introduce the new USB Key to all of you, whether you are an avid tablet user or not.

USB Keys: main features

One of the most important features of this innovative item is the fact that they actually are two distinctive dongles devices. At one of its ends you can find a regular USB connecter, while at the opposite end you can find a micro-USB. Tablets and many other types of similar devices will use the fitted micro USB as a regular charging slot. And the best part is that this device is perfectly compatible with almost any type of Android tablet. However, there is one downside: for the time being, it can’t be used with iPads, though that might change in the near future.

A quick guide to using your USB Key

In order to store, transfer, or share your data, plugging in your USB Key in a host computer is the only thing you need to do. The following steps are as simple as the first one: copy the necessary files on your USB key and then simply plug it into your tablet. You can even do it the other way round. It is as simple as it may get. This way, all the actions performed on either of the two devices can be easily transferred. Another great feature of this amazing device is its size: it is not bigger than a regular USB memory drive.

Since USB Keys are quite innovative and unusual devices, they can perfectly become an amazing promotional giveaway for your employees, business partners, loyal customers, or potential new clients. Like almost all the other available promotional products, USB Keys can be customised with your brand or logo. If you want to add extra value to your gift, you can also choose a custom packaging. This way you will certainly enhance your brand awareness.

To top it all, these devices are really price convenient. However, their impact on their users is quite big. In simple words, a small investment with a high perceived value, likely to attract new potential clients and convincing the old ones to remain faithful to your products and services. Apart from the custom packaging option, you can also make use of the data preload service. The preloaded digital data can be perfectly viewed on both tablets and personal computers.


10 Easy, Yet Efficient, Ways to Make the Most of Your Promotional Items

Branded promotional products is one of the most affordable and efficient ways to promote a business and achieve a better brand awareness. A recent study, conducted by ASI (i.e. Advertising Specialty Institute) reached the conclusion that promotional industry occupy a consistent position among the most cost effective, enduring and influential available marketing strategies.

According to the ASI research, there are two very important aspects also worth mentioning. The first would be that approximately 52% of the times, promoters achieve a consistently more favourable response from customers each time promotional items are used. The second aspect in discussion if the fact that 1/3 of the American consumers is predisposed to start a partnership with the promoter after receiving their branded items.

These arguments are compelling. However, one question still remains. How can one efficiently use these branded products? If you order them and simply keep them sitting around, they will do nothing but accumulate dust.

To help you answer this question, we will offer you 10 ideas on how to make the most of your new promotional items.

Trade show swag

A trade show should automatically imply a booth ‘bling’. Put simple, the main idea is to have people leave your stand with a product branded with your logo or company name. If they do so, they will remember your name and what your business is about. The ASI study showed that the most efficient and popular products are shirts, writing tools, and bags. So why don’t you give our USB Pens a chance?

Charity swag

Becoming a sponsor of a charity event is always a great idea. Sponsorship often comes with significant rewards. You can always offer to equip the volunteers with stylish USB Wristbands. And it’s even better if you have them branded with your logo and the name of the charity event.

Referral programs

Your happy customers are usually the best and most efficient advertisers. So encourage them to talk to their family and friends about your business. Referral programs are easy to set up. However, keep in mind the most important element: the ‘Thank You’ gift for your clients.

Radio station tchotchkes

Advertising your business on radio stations is a great idea. Many radio stations usually provide ‘value added’ options. This means that they will feature your products and business at station events. Listeners will be happy to receive giveaways!


A 2014 Overview: What Was Hot in the Promotional Industry and What Is Likely to Survive

With 2014 coming to an end, and 2015 impatiently knocking at the door, we thought it would be interesting to have a look at the most popular promotional products that have been extensively used in advertising and marketing campaigns. It is going to be interesting to see which ones will still be popular in 2015. Let’s have a look at the hottest 2014 promotional items used in marketing campaigns.

The USB Pens

Who doesn’t love an elegant and sassy pen? If combined with a good storage device, it is impossible for these amazing items not to add to your campaign’s value, and, as a direct consequence, to your clients. The stylish and colourful USB Pens can undoubtedly brighten the darkest winter days, while still offering sufficient space for your logo, brand, or company name.

The Digital Photo Frame

The Digital Photo Frame is, to some extent, a more personal strategy to enhance your products and brand awareness. Should you gift it to your friends, family, employees, or potential clients, your brand and their pictures – which they will happily share with more family members, friends, or colleagues – will be displayed simultaneously. It is impossible to go wrong with this product.

Destinations Calendar

If you haven’t ordered your calendars yet, then you definitely must take into consideration these great travel calendars with impressive destinations. Who doesn’t like to travel, enjoy the outdoors, and discover new places, cultures, and people? Traveling is soul-enriching and definitely breaks monotony. There are many similar products available on the market. Choose your favourite one and add it your promotional items mix.

USB Wristbands

The best thing about wristbands is their ability to practically fit any style. Due to the fact that they are available in all colours and can be easily customised using the standard screen printing method, these amazing items make a perfect addition to your promotional mix. Even if used alone for marketing purposes, they still are a highly efficient promotional tool.

Performance PK Polo Shirts

In need of something a little bit more sophisticated than a regular promotional T-shirt? Then Performance PK Polo Shirts are the solution you have been looking for. They offer more than enough space for embroidered imprints and are perfectly suited for golf outings, staff uniforms, technology events etc.

Branded Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic mugs are some of the most popular promotional items. Companies of all sizes extensively use them for their advertising and marketing campaigns. Apart from their more than affordable prices, ceramic mugs are easy to brand and offer enough space for imprinting your exclusive design or your message. They can be gifted to practically anybody: employees, family and friends, loyal or potential clients etc.

How many of these products do you think will still be hot in 2015? Only time will tell.


Branded USB Memory Drives: The Perfect Tool for Your Marketing Campaign

If you are in search of a versatile, extremely efficient, and unique tool to use for your business’ advertising or marketing campaigns, this is the right place for you. The branded USB memory drives are, beyond any doubt, one of the best choices.

Customisable USB memory drives

Before deciding which of these extremely efficient promotional tools to order, take a careful look at the wide range of models we have available. Our company provides you with a wide selection of models, covering USB memory drives made of leather, wood, metal, rubberised plastic, plastic, or even a combination of two or more materials. You can also choose between USB memory drives with twisting caps, retractable or removable caps, or our innovative sliding models. Our customised USB memory drives also include rubber coated models, a feature that increases the item’s resistance to knocks or drops, thus ensuring that your valuable data benefits from extra protection. Among our available models, you can opt for innovative USB memory drives that stylishly wrap around the wrist of your client, thus making sure that they are always easily reachable.

If you wish to personalise your USB memory drives, there are many available methods for imprinting your message, logo, brand name, or any other type of detail you consider necessary. Obviously, particular casing materials are more suitable for a printing method than others. However, most USB memory drives support pad or screen printing, laser etching, or multicolour printing. Leather USB memory drives, for example, will look simply incredible with embossing.

It is impossible for you to go wrong with our branded USB memory drives. Many people highly appreciate them and regularly use them, mainly because they are the ideal data storage devices in a technology dominated society. Considering the wide variety of available customisation methods, the USB memory drives have become the ideal giveaway for employees, business partners, students, potential clients and loyal ones, and basically for anyone who knows how to use a computer.

In addition, they can successfully reach any industry or market segment, whether you intend to gift them to special partner business, or simply utilise them as promotional giveaways during special events.

Why use branded USB sticks

By using branded USB memory drives to promote your products or services, you will make sure you won’t be easily forgotten. Each time your customised USB memory drive will be used, your business will be remembered. If the chosen design is the right one, your branded USB memory drives will catch the attention of many more people. This will significantly increase your business awareness. The USB keys memory drives can come with several packaging options and accessories like key chains or printed lanyards.

To sum up, if you are looking for a special gift for your important partners, loyal customers, your employees, or you are simply trying to convey a message in your niche, you must definitely consider technology.


USB Keys: Features That Make Them Extremely Popular

Customized USB memory drives are amazing devices that can successfully be used to promote and advertise your business. Features such as their high value, portability, or appearance make of the USB keys extremely popular items.

By being budget-friendly items, USB memory drives are perfect to hand out as sales material. Before distributing them, you can pre-load them with promotional data, thus saving on printing costs. In addition, the transportations costs are more than affordable. All these features, put together, can help you save more money than standard marketing campaigns. If you are interested in starting a marketing campaign and make use of USB memory drives, there is a series of important things you need to seriously consider before buying them.


Don’t let yourself feel tempted to buy cheap, low quality USB memory drives. If the price of the product is extremely low compared to other prices of similar items, then you will more than likely be fooled into buying Grade “B” chips. These products are usually re-used items, with important performance issues. Always question your supplier about the chips’ grade and about what type of memory chip is supplied with the item. This is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing branded USB sticks.

Memory size

Before you make your final order, make sure that the USB memory drives has sufficient storage capacity to hold both your promotional data and the data its user might want to upload on it. If the USB memory drive has low storage capacity, the user will simply put it away, and you won’t be provided with the opportunity of increasing your brand’s visibility.

Choosing a model

There are thousands of available USB memory drives models. Thanks to technological advances, USB memory drives can be manufactured in any size, shape, or colour you may think of. Additionally, they can be made of bamboo, plastic, wood, metal, leather, or even a combination of all these materials. If you are unable to find a model that completely meets your needs and expectations, you can ask the provider to create a fully customized model just for you.


Most USB memory drives come in convenient sizes. Moreover, you can even attach a key-ring or a lanyard to them. The Key-Shaped USB Memory drive is one of the latest innovations in the field. They are manufactured mainly from metal (99%), they are small, and look like normal keys. Being made of metal, Key-Shaped USB Memory drives are robust and they can perfectly fit on key rings, just like standard keys. The USB key is, beyond any doubt, one of the most portable memory drives currently available on the market.

Whichever USB stick you decide to choose, you can rest assured that you have made a good investment and that you will successfully promote your business.


What Are the USB Keys and What Can We Do With Them?

USB Web Keys must not be confused with the conventional branded USB memory drives, especially since they are considerably different and have different uses. Despite the fact that they apparently look like regular USB memory drives – at least on the outside -, USB Web Keys lack one crucial component: the on-board memory, which is the component that stores all digital data. The outside of USB Web Keys can be perfectly customized, exactly as any USB memory drive. This feature makes them extremely powerful promotional tools.

The USB Web Key

Taking into consideration the fact that they lack the memory capacity, USB Web Keys can’t be employed for carrying files. However, they can perfectly act like shortcuts to your business website, as their very name suggests. As soon as a USB Web Key is plugged in a host laptop or computer, it launches the default browser, redirecting your client or potential customer to your webpage or any other page whose visibility or traffic you are trying to improve.

This webpage can be your online catalogue or brochure, a flash presentation, your company website, or any page you are trying to promote. The USB Web Key directs your client to any page or website, without you worrying about getting the wrong website address.

One of the main advantages of these devices is their relatively cheaper prices and the fact that they can be perfectly used for services launches, new products, gathering market research data, surveys, competitions, and many other marketing purposes.

USB Web Keys can be given many varied uses, such as different updates, services and products launches, online catalogues, online marketing research, online promotions and competitions, student application forms, flash presentations, online brochures, or even online training programs.

Despite the fact that there are numerous reasons that justify the use of USB Web Keys, one of their biggest advantages is the fact that, like any other type of conventional USB memory drives, they can perfectly be customized in very attractive ways. Moreover, they are extremely easy to use, they are cheap, and they can significantly improve your website’s traffic, thus enhancing your marketing and advertising opportunities. Additionally, they provide you with the possibility to redirect your clients directly to a specific page you are trying to promote, without the need of complex modifications to your website, thus easily attracting new customers and potentially enhancing your sales possibilities.

The USB Web Keys have the potential of becoming extremely effective and cheap corporate gifts, able to suit even the tightest budgets, especially in this troubled economic context. All these features transform USB Web Keys in excellent and highly efficient tools for your business’ advertising and marketing campaigns.