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Portable Wind Turbines: The New Method for Charging USB Gadgets

If you are a technology fan and you use to travel regularly, then portable chargers are not only extremely useful, but they practically become mandatory. We all love to be able to have our USB gadgets re-charged on the go, without even needing an available electrical outlet. Just grab your GPS, smartphone, and laptop, put […]

Industrial USBs -The Bridge over the Gap

If you want a new laptop or a new PC with a built-in serial port, then you are probably in trouble. Even more when it comes down to portable computers. The vast majority of offices and homes have replaced the old serial protocols with USBs (i.e. Universal Serial Bus). As a direct consequence, many PC […]

CES 2014 Some of the Weirdest Gadgets

Since we all love gadgets and we like to keep up with the latest IT news, we want to offer you a review of the weirdest 2014 gadgets that use USB available on the market. At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas, a wide range of strange – to the say the […]

Pre-loaded or Blank USB Memory Drives: Which One Will Benefit You More?

Here, at USB Company, we are proud to provide our clients with both blank and ready-formatted USB memory drives and USB flash drives pre-loaded with personalized data. Pre-loading your data onto a USB memory drive can become a real problem, especially if you are planning to do it yourself and you have hundreds of devices […]

Promotional USB Keys: A Gift Your Clients Will Love

The USB Key is an extremely convenient and small device, perfect for storing any type of digital data. Despite the fact that some people might consider it a standard storage device, many tablet users consider it an innovative gadget. This is due to the fact that tablet owners can’t use regular USB memory drives with […]

10 Easy, Yet Efficient, Ways to Make the Most of Your Promotional Items

Branded promotional products is one of the most affordable and efficient ways to promote a business and achieve a better brand awareness. A recent study, conducted by ASI (i.e. Advertising Specialty Institute) reached the conclusion that promotional industry occupy a consistent position among the most cost effective, enduring and influential available marketing strategies. According to the […]

Branded USB Memory Drives: The Perfect Tool for Your Marketing Campaign

If you are in search of a versatile, extremely efficient, and unique tool to use for your business’ advertising or marketing campaigns, this is the right place for you. The branded USB memory drives are, beyond any doubt, one of the best choices. Customisable USB memory drives Before deciding which of these extremely efficient promotional […]

USB Keys: Features That Make Them Extremely Popular

Customized USB memory drives are amazing devices that can successfully be used to promote and advertise your business. Features such as their high value, portability, or appearance make of the USB keys extremely popular items. By being budget-friendly items, USB memory drives are perfect to hand out as sales material. Before distributing them, you can […]

What Are the USB Keys and What Can We Do With Them?

USB Web Keys must not be confused with the conventional branded USB memory drives, especially since they are considerably different and have different uses. Despite the fact that they apparently look like regular USB memory drives – at least on the outside -, USB Web Keys lack one crucial component: the on-board memory, which is […]