10 Easy, Yet Efficient, Ways to Make the Most of Your Promotional Items

Branded promotional products is one of the most affordable and efficient ways to promote a business and achieve a better brand awareness. A recent study, conducted by ASI (i.e. Advertising Specialty Institute) reached the conclusion that promotional industry occupy a consistent position among the most cost effective, enduring and influential available marketing strategies.

According to the ASI research, there are two very important aspects also worth mentioning. The first would be that approximately 52% of the times, promoters achieve a consistently more favourable response from customers each time promotional items are used. The second aspect in discussion if the fact that 1/3 of the American consumers is predisposed to start a partnership with the promoter after receiving their branded items.

These arguments are compelling. However, one question still remains. How can one efficiently use these branded products? If you order them and simply keep them sitting around, they will do nothing but accumulate dust.

To help you answer this question, we will offer you 10 ideas on how to make the most of your new promotional items.

Trade show swag

A trade show should automatically imply a booth ‘bling’. Put simple, the main idea is to have people leave your stand with a product branded with your logo or company name. If they do so, they will remember your name and what your business is about. The ASI study showed that the most efficient and popular products are shirts, writing tools, and bags. So why don’t you give our USB Pens a chance?

Charity swag

Becoming a sponsor of a charity event is always a great idea. Sponsorship often comes with significant rewards. You can always offer to equip the volunteers with stylish USB Wristbands. And it’s even better if you have them branded with your logo and the name of the charity event.

Referral programs

Your happy customers are usually the best and most efficient advertisers. So encourage them to talk to their family and friends about your business. Referral programs are easy to set up. However, keep in mind the most important element: the ‘Thank You’ gift for your clients.

Radio station tchotchkes

Advertising your business on radio stations is a great idea. Many radio stations usually provide ‘value added’ options. This means that they will feature your products and business at station events. Listeners will be happy to receive giveaways!

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